March 20th, 2013Diary Philipp 1 Comments

Last week we showed our game to the visitors fo the OpenHouse at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg.

Over 500 people enjoyed playing our game and we got a lot of positive feedback. We are happy to see our game appeals to many potential customers and look forward to our public beta in march.

We have made a small retrospective video from this day and also took some pictures.


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  1. Siml says:

    Kratuliere zum gelungenen Alpha-Testevent. Schaut so aus als hättet ihr die ProGamer kaum mehr von den Tastaturen wegbekommen! Die Fotos sind ja sowieso Hammer, am besten kommt (wenn ihr mich fragt) eindeutig Stan weg :P
    Weiter so! Freu mich schon auf die puplic beta!
    Grüße aus Innsbruck!

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